The name’s Matthias

I love making useful apps that are fast, easy to use, feature-rich, and innovative. Contact me on Twitter.

I started learning from a book called "HTML for Dummies", back in the days of IE 6 and Netscape Navigator. I made web sites through high school, learning CSS, JS, PHP, and MySql. Then came college, where I learned Linux, the Adobe Suite, OO Programming, more database design.

Post-college, working at the university, I was introduced to AngularJS and OpenLayers, as well as build systems: grunt, gulp, bower, and then npm. A few years later after moving to Charlottesville, React entered the picture, along with its ecosystem. I've worked with d3, threejs, Redux, React Hooks, Typescript, webpack, rollup, and build tooling.

Today, I am generating this static website with NextJS, Typescript, and React, and hosting it on AWS with S3 and Route53.

Check out some of my old code samples on Plunkr.