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AngularJS Error Decoder

Decodes long angularjs error URLs

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Making matts-apps.net

From AngularJS to React & NextJS

Project: AngularJS Error Decoder

Decodes long AngularJS errors that are too long to be handled by angular's own website.

Project: Faculty Portfolio

A university faculty management web app

Project: Campus Tours

A GPS-enabled walking-tour app for Liberty University.

Project: Campus Map

A map. To be specific, a map of a campus.

Project: Custom Blackboard Theme

A seamless custom theme for Blackboard Learning Suite, supporting color palettes.

Project: Persecuted Countries

An SVG world map, showing regions suffering from Christian persecution.

Project: Live Construction Cams

A page displaying live image streams from many campus contruction cameras, using pure JavaScript.

Project: Liberty Online homepage

Creating the homepage of LUOnline.com.